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art, mandala
About This Project

This piece started with a few center circles and a loose concept of incorporating monstera plants around the center. Monstera is a species of evergreen tropical vine whose leaves look like a slice of Swiss cheese.


I knew I wanted to use a traditional circle shape on this mandala and keep the bulk of the design fairly simple- the color was to be the main show! I drew this while in covid-quarantine during March 2020 and it made me appreciate nature even more than I currently do. I kept thinking- am I ever going to get to explore the tropics? See the rainforests of Brazil?


A popular documentary came out around this time called Tiger King. It struck home for me in so many ways, I decided to give this mandala tiger-like qualities and title it appropriately. This mandala was afterall, drawn by an artists in a new sort of tiger cage.


Measures 11 x 14″ shown in Plein aire frame. Material: Watercolor & Ink on Bristol

Please email if you’d like to be added to the waitlist for limited editions of this piece. mandalayard(at gmail)