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Art, Floral
art, floral
About This Project

Stargazer Lily, 11 x 14″, bristol and acrylic ink painting, ©2020 Jennifer Miller

Stargazer Lilies are one of my favorite picked flowers. When I received Stargazer Lilies for my birthday, the whole living room filled with their aroma and I felt compelled to draw them and remember them forever. I arranged the Lilies carefully in an old Italian vase and drew their delicate petals and leaves hovering above a beautifully decorated pot. I wanted the background to be bright, but not detract from the main star (the flowers, of course!), so I colored it with a strong yellow in contrast to the pink flowers.

The most unique aspect of this piece to me is that despite the unbalanced pattern in the background, the overall feel of the piece is still symmetrical. If you order an embellished edition (see collector’s corner) of this drawing, each one will be slightly unique from the original and hand foiled with real 22k gold leaf.