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I came to love art through my first love, poker. I was playing cards professionally at the time, spending late nights at the local casino. Sometime after 2 am, I would head home to try and sleep but of course, the adrenaline rush and the caffeine often prevented that. Eventually I got tired of frittering the hours awake in bed, and began to draw.

Eggs were my first medium. I found this online group called Incredible Eggs  (which is exactly what it sounds like: a group of mainly women from around the world who decorate eggs and post them online. 

I always expected this to be a private hobby but there were so many unexpected benefits to creating. For one, I started to sleep! Two, I discovered that there was this whole other side to life of enjoying a craft for the mental health benefits and alone time. Art began to take on a new meaning for me.

pysanky persian rug egg art

After a few years, I moved onto many other mediums. The truth is, I’ve always had trouble staying put on one type of project, so it makes sense that I’d feel the need to try everything.

I still make the decorated eggs pictured to the right, but I also draw and paint as well. I’ve done everything from charcoal and pastel, to watercolor, gouache and acrylic inks. It is this constant experimentation that leaves me feeling fulfilled in my work.

Some themes I’m currently exploring are mandalas and florals. I have an inclination toward natural designs and often incorporate unusual flowers, shrubs and patterns that I find on my walks. I’m a bit of a Bohemian and constantly moving around, but these days I reside in Federal Way, WA.  My goal in everything I make is to build a connection and tell a story about observations in nature and life.

If you like my art, I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter and follow my active projects on Instagram. I release a limited number of high quality giclée of my work each year, once they are gone, they are gone.